About the Survey

Businesses and organisations talk about consumers, users or engagers – we talk about people. In the uncertain and confusing world we live in, it is critical that we place the person, you, at the centre. You are not just a ‘consumer’, ‘voter’, or ‘target audience.’

Brands, products, services, politicians, economies, and a host of other factors influence the way you engage with the world. We are not mere passive recipients of ‘stuff’ happening in the world, we engage with it by living in it.

This survey is about understanding who you are in this vast and complex world, how you think, behave and reflect on a range of aspects we will highlight in your profile.

We’d love to share this unique profile with you and as we test the description, we would also appreciate your feedback on how accurately we identified your main characteristics.

Hidden Voice is a South African owned and independent market research company. Click here to visit our website for more information.

Thank you for participating.