Thank you for taking the time to participate in this IUPsyS survey on psychology’s response to the global public health emergency caused by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please complete the survey by 22 May 2020

  • Answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.
  • You can withdraw from the survey at any point; participation is voluntary.
  • You will not be identified in the reporting of the findings; all responses will be anonymised.
  • Parts of the information provided in this survey may be used in an anonymised form in IUPsyS reports and presentations.
  • Where reference is made to ‘you’ or ‘your’ in the survey, it is meant to refer to your organisation(s) in the country that you are answering for.
  • Where reference is made to ‘support’ in the survey, the inference is psychological support, unless otherwise indicated.
  • The survey will take at least 20 minutes to complete. Please schedule time to give it due consideration, so that, together, Psychology may be better prepared for this and future emergencies.
  • The survey is managed for IUPsyS by Leonie Vorster, a research psychologist, email: iupsys@willitwork.co.za. She is the only person who will have access to any personal or identifying information contained in the raw data, which will inform IUPsyS Policy on national, regional and global emergencies.
  • Please do not hesitate to email Leonie iupsys@willitwork.co.za and/or Karl Swain karl.swain@iupsys.org should you require any clarification.

Please think of specific examples when answering the questions below.

The survey has three sections:

  1. Information about the organisation(s) that you represent.
  2. Psychology’s emergency response to the pandemic in your country. This includes psychological support for practitioner members, the general public, frontline workers, persons with COVID-19 and their families, and the emergency response system. The questions cover implementation, effectiveness, resource capacity, priorities, and assistance needed.
  3. Contact Details for the purpose of clarifying the information in the questionnaire.


By Leonie Vorster

Strategist, writer, researcher, and amateur painter, photographer, yoga practitioner and scuba diver, living in South Africa