Today, and every day, we each have some important choices to make:

    • Lend your ears to false divisions and hierarchies, or listen intently to hear how everyday journeys unfold so magnificently.
    • Fear people and feed fear between people, or taste hope for the future of your people, and all people.
    • Focus on superficial skin colour and differences, or see real, lived experiences, standing in another person’s shoes.
    • Exhale hollow platitudes that reek of judgement and condescension, or inhale and breathe out values that are good, and for the greater good.
    • Feel hate seeping through your soul’s door, or touch others’ brave hearts with respect and love.
    • Mistrust others and shatter their trust, or be the one others can rely on as honest, truthful, strong, safe, and deserving of trust.
    • Divide and conquer on bent knee, or stand tall in humanity with dignity.

Please, choose wisely.

Copyright © Leonie Vorster 2020



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