You don’t have to emigrate (or have the means to emigrate) to leave a country:

Every time you choose ignorance and hate over empathy and love, you leave.
Every time you wish ill upon a fellow South African, you leave.
Every time you do not participate in the many efforts to survive, and to prosper, you leave.
Every time you break a legitimate law, you leave.
Every time you choose not to help when you could have, you leave.
Every time you judge someone’s actions, beliefs, background, choices… you leave.
Every time you waste resources, you leave.
Every time you trash your country in the eyes of others, you leave.

Every single South African can make the choice to stay or leave, not just with possessions or money, or where you live (for those who have the means) but (most of all) with your heart, mind, thoughts, words, actions… Whether you live in South Africa or not, you can also choose to leave South Africa (or leave South Africa as is…) or you can choose to stay – really STAY – by making it the best place to be, every day, for every South African.

Copyright © Leonie Vorster 2020


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